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Mango Beach Swimwear at Miami Swim Week July 2022

Another exciting swimwear event transpired in Miami — the steamy and chili-hot swimwear summer at Miami Swim Week July 15, 2022. Over 70 different swimwear designers congregate in Miami yearly to showcase their latest lines which are eclectic, eye-popping and colorful.

This summer season of 2022, designers from around the globe gathered in South Beach to showcase what’s next in the market for swimsuit trends. Mango Beach Swimwear graced the Miami swimsuit fashion ramp with swimwear designer, Lainy Gold presenting her latest swimwear collection 2023.

“Mango Beach Swimwear designer, Lainy Gold, lit-up the Miami Swim Week 2022 with her latest swimsuit designs…” 

Miami once again titillated itself as the swimsuit capital for the latest swimwear game. Discover Lainy Gold’s Mango Beach Swimwear for her hottest and latest swimsuit design with gorgeous models electrifying the Miami Swim Week 2022 swimwear aficionados.

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